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Re: Piecing Together a New Faith

ruthe9 wrote:
Everyone has has different experiences and up bringings and events that would alter there beliefs so how can so many people believe the same. I'm probably making no sense...

You make perfect sense, but you might also want to think about it this way:

Say we're both looking at a blue car parked across the street... and we comment on its nice blue color... Now dig this: Eventhough we BOTH comment on the car's BLUE color, how can we ever be sure that our brains conceive the color "BLUE" in the exact same way? We can't! and there is a great possibility that each one's brain has assigned the color "BLUE" a different version of a "color"...

To make it easier for you, let's suppose that I'm color blind (achromatic vision); in such case my brain has assigned the color "BLUE" a certain shade of gray. So, when I comment about the car's BLUE color I'm actually referring to this conceived shade of gray, whereas your BLUE is actually colorful. Still we both THINK we're talking about the SAME BLUE COLOR!!!...

Now, apply the above example to the religious systems and I bet you'll figure it out.

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