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Re: Ethic problems faced by a biology student.

Dammit! Just as I leave the civilized world, I miss the perfect opportunity to chasten someone for being a rude little prick. emoticon

But as an afterthought, most of the people on this board are waaaaaaay past that age where "taking notes in biology" was mandatory . . . and since stem cell research is relatively new (hell, the term wasn't even breathed when I was in ninth grade!), then how in the hell is the average human being supposed to have all the insider information? Ah, logic . . . caterer to college students, abandoner of fools. When shall the masses ever behold your mighty glory?

BTW, Alpha, LOVE the little evil face you posted there. emoticon

There are things which Man can not understand. For everything else, there's a lie.

Let's see if we can't get to the truth of the matter, hmm?

'Lyssa was here . . . and she'll be back
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